Sunday, April 5, 2009

Successful Runs

I have been testing the Colossus for about a week now, and it is holding up fine. first started with building a humungous Ableton template (cubase is next), and then used it to get a couple diverse sets going (see below to listen to or DL one of them).

The one challenge with the templates and using MIDI learn is that i still have a lot of residual signals coming in from various pots. since they are all brand new i don't think its cleaning, its probably just weak wire, the wiring job i did, absence of capacitors between grnd/5v, or other factors. it isn't horrible, and i can usually isolate and turn that pot all the way down to reset and then it stops.

A couple more pics of Colossus in the environment:

I am completely out of room in my studio. I had to kick the DX7 out completely, and much of my DJ rig is no longer set up. Somehow, i want to get this thing closer to my main production area here:

As you can see though, not sure how thats gonna happen...

One of the boards continues to give me fits, but it has not failed completely like the other did. This fortunately can be remedied by power cycling the entire enclosure after the computer is switched off. not sure what that all means, but its the same control surface as before, and i still suspect the lousy sliders. intending to disconnect them, as a result.

Next week my attention will turn to trying to get the x0xb0x tuned and then closed up so i can actually start using it in the studio. its time to get back to the tunage, and i have nearly a dozen new ideas just waiting to be sequenced out - and now i have a massive controller to assist. ;)

If Budros' HTML skills work, below is the embedded file you can listen to - its the first test run of Colossus for a complete set. This particular set is just a conglomeration of both new and old equulei IDM/breaks type tracks - its a full 95 minutes so you may wish to download instead. For those not familiar with Equulei, that's the end result of all this gear junkie-ism - writing tracks for that effort. click the equulei link to the right side for more.