Monday, December 22, 2008

Enclosure Start-up

Checked out several websites this weekend for plexiglass. My wife, a talented artist in the visual realm (pottery, painting, woodwork), suggested i go with plexiglass for the panels originally, and has even suggested having a custom giant plexiglass knob for the main volume control since i am havign trouble finding one anywhere else. could be neat.

Found this website - - and ordered several samples to be sent. they should arrive just after christmas. looking for different thicknesses, different colors and translucense level (if thats a word). i reckon this company is like many others in that they are willing to do custom jobs, cuts in advance, and even bore all the holes if you send them a specific design (see the Visio draft below). Apparently drilling in plexiglass requires a special drill bit.

Will post pics of the samples when they arrive.

The other part of the enclosure will be the wood housing around, under, and above the control panels. Once again my wife is eager to help build that part, but we have not talked through it much yet.

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