Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Wish List

So since I am wasting time, i might as well outline my mega wish list.

there is a more thorough one on gear junkies, but my primary goals for god only knows how long is to procure a solid modular synth, or better yet, a synth collection.

the top among those is this from synthesizers.com:

and this one from analogue systems:

And after that, i am a huge fan of the current crop of "semi-modulars", such as the the analogue solutions red square:

The Vermona PerFourmer:

The Cwejman MK2:

the Metasonix Wretch Machine:

and the Future Retro XS:

The price tag for all of the above - a cool $30k or so. there has got to be some scheme or way to raise money for this other than a second job at McDonalds, theft, or mass credit debt. anyone have any ideas? the unfortunate thing is that these also rarely come up on ebay as used units....

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