Thursday, February 19, 2009

x0x Progress Step One

While putting Colossus aside temporarily while i wait for the panels, i started the x0x project, and am happy to report that the first section of building out the boards, the power section which converts from AC to DC power, was a success. i actually didn't think it would be given how beginner level i am and how tiny and specific a lot of the solder points and test junctures were. but it did work. tonight i start work on the VCO section.

baby steps.

and absolutely nothing of import to note on the panel work. the plasticare guys are fucking idiots, even after giving them the completely new and simple design - i regret getting involved with them. however, light at the end of the tunnel, the woodworking place sent me a message back saying they could do the cuts for pretty cheap, although they may have limited plexiglass materials from which to choose.

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