Sunday, May 17, 2009

Studio Move

I haven't posted in awhile, and for good reason. after i completed the Colossus project i played out once or twice and then proceeded to break down the entire studio and work on moving it to the basement. First we had to partially finish a room in the basement, which entailed a couple pieces of drywall and some cheap carpet.

then run some power to it (thanks to my neighbor, a great guy!). then everything that was packed up got moved down and reinstalled - very slowly. i had to redo a lot of the wiring, i am still short by several snakes and other miscellaneous. i took the opportunity however to also upgrade the sound card to a lexicon FW810, and consolidate the synths into a giant data center rack (thanks to buddy who had it sitting idle in his garage). also got an A-frame rack from him and a double tier to get the synths out in the open where they can actually be used. finally, kevin was touring with chicago afrobeat project, and had a stop in denver, so he brought the polysix.

so, combined with some of my sister's gear (a full 88 key triton, tech 12's and pioneer mixer setup), the result is a much better studio, far more space, and quicker access to almost all of the gear.

Also invested in a NAS media server to do major backup of all my files. Buffalo Terastation 2TB is what i went with. pretty sweet little device.

now its time to start working the tunes again. i just hooked up with an old friend who can lay down some guitars for me, my sister is gonna get on the vocals, etc. i also need to get some new firmware for Colossus that hale micro sent me, and still want to do some upgrades to the Colossus wiring.

pics of the new studio below.

the data center rack:

new live/dj area with Colossus in the back:

a frame rack w/ synths:

and new effects station (with daughter's backside rushing to get out of the picture):

Only known casualty of the move, and it was having issues long before, is one of my tannoy monitors. trying to decide what to do about that in the coming days/weeks....

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woodslanding said...

I started reading your posts after a search for projects using the Hale circuit. I'm planning to build a custom controller for my keyboard rig, and your tale has convinced me it's worth diving into.

But then I discovered you are in denver!

Drop me a line if you like.....I would love to check out the colossus.