Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to the x0xbox

More time between posts, but my wife has been gearing up her own blog for art sales and I came back around to mine, too.

Gonna try and hook up an oscilloscope that came with an electronics hobby kit my son got. that should help me get the x0x going straight, as i built the entire thing and even tried it out - but then left it on the shelf because the tuning was so poor and i could not just get it to "happen" just right by randomly twisting the internal pots.

So once i get that, i'll report some results. would really love to finally have some of that acid bass sound going in a couple glitchy tracks i've been working on recently.

fly on over to for some links to recent tracks we have up on soundcloud, as well as that full dj mix on Colossus - its still up, too.

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