Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peddlers of Goodness on eBay

A quick plug for some sellers on eBay that have great DIY analog gear, I‘ve bought from most of them at some point in the past and will vouch:

****Blue_lantern91754 - lots of self-built analog filters that mimic old and rare classics such as oberheim and the Russian polivoks (which I would kill to get my hands on one stateside instead of getting raped for shipping from Russia in some shady deal). Also makes (dunno about lately) SID64 chip based synths that rival the thousand dollar elektrons.

****Health club music - forget what their eBay name is, but just search for it. Great simple portable analog synths with simple, colorful interfaces custom made each time.

****Bluelightintheattic - also can be found on or - very cool original works of noise synths, beautiful craftsmanship, very unique.

****atomolabs - interesting and well-crafted analog synth/sequencer combos. I think he has a blog somewhere too.

****Vwfastmatt - if you don’t want to circuit bend your own speak and spell/read/math, this guy sells good quality ones for relatively cheap, and will even throw on the highly_liquid MIDI addition for a small fee (don’t think it was matt’s work but I’ve always had issues getting my MIDI port to work, just FYI)