Wednesday, March 4, 2009

x0x and Colossus Progress Report

Been awhile since i posted, so a coupel quick updates. the x0x is coming along nicely, though i keep forgetting to swipe my wife's camera to take some pics of the circuit board and what not. i have finished all the internal components (VCO, VCA, envelope, I/O section, etc) except the sequencer - and planning to tackle that this weekend. all the tests i ran to see if i was doing it right seem to indicate all sections have adequate power, etc. the one thing i didn't have was an oscilloscope, and decided to wing it without it after seeing how much an oscilloscope costed. if i decide to embark on more analog synth projects, i will go and get one.

As for the Colossus, i am STILL waiting on the plastics place to finish my design, though i think its pretty close. i still think they are kind of idiots for taking so long (and they seem to have real issues with working via email - welcome to the 19th century douchebags).... but i settled on a design that was cheap and easy for them. it amounts to 6 panels each 12"x18" and only an 1/8" thick, negating the need for countersinks. there will be a single brace behind each one across the middle, and i think that will be plenty. each panel has approximately 32 control points, so they equate to one UMC each. the case is not going to be all clear, the panels are now black, and the overall case is wood - and i have been toying with different options for making it somewhat "modular" - so if i didn't want to take the whoel gargantuan thing to a show, i could just grab one or two panels or whatever, and wire them to the USB hub.

I'll try and post some drawings of that later. kudos go to my wife and to her dad for being very eager to help build that wood case, as i am stupid about that stuff. we worked on a little prototype a couple weeks ago and i am actually going to keep it and wire another single UMC to it when i get the time between the other larger projects above.

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