Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Plexiglass All The Time

A visit to Plasticare Inc in Englewood with a guy named Randy helped me clarify lots of things, and i am on the path to starting construction very soon.

The biggest pain has been finding the right pots to go through 1/4" of plexi - there has been a distinct lack of cheap pots with 3/8" bushings.

however, this problem is definitively solved by countersinking. i was not sure it could be done, but randy showed some clear examples with their tools (i CANNOT do this with what we have). in the pic below you see the countersink. this will allow the pot bushings to come up through the plexi just fine:

Next, i discovered quickly when i had the large pieces in front of me and in hand that even 1/4" is too thin when spread across several feet. it will bend. and the machines they have on site to etch and cut can only handle max sizes of 18x32". this means i would have to have multiple panels horizontally in the old design.

So, i have switched to 3/8" thick, and gone with single vertical panels, all at 60degrees incline - rather than multiple horizontals at varying degrees. this also required some retool of where knobs and buttons would go. that new design is below:

Still hoping to put an etched design in the top-middle section where you can see the blank space.

Also considering an even bigger step - the entire enclosure in plexiglass, clear specifically, rather than just the face panels. Randy helped with some ideas for bracing the underside with plexi, and then it was a logical next step to say why not do the walls in plexi as well?

Finally, the giant master volume knob WILL be done in plexi after my convo with Randy - this will be an easy step apparently, and i have already given a basic design (will post JPEG from visio later).

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