Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gear Updates

Contacted Ultimarc about the arcade buttons/joysticks, etc. they are still working through holiday backlog, so thats disappointing - but their website did say they were closed until Jan 5. No big deal, but those are the last pieces i really needed to figure out the cut positions on the plexiglass, so i took my best guess.

Speaking of plexiglass, it took a couple days back and forth with them, but i did get the format to them that they wanted, a "DXF" file. the visio didn't work, but visio would save as this format, which is some autocad format i think. still waiting on their quote, but i expect it by week's end.

Made the UMC32 purchases yesterday, so i expect they will ship by the end of the week.

And i think i know exactly what i need for pots. i went to manufacturers data sheets rather than through the websites of the sellers, and have part #'s, so i will now go find the seller who can provide them.

in case anyone cares, the part numbers are from CTS Electronics:
12 x 270T320D103B1A1
12 x 270T320X103B1A1
80 x 270T320K103B1A1

the difference of the single letter in the part number represents different shaft types, the first being flat edged or "D" shape, the second is solid round, and the final is "teeth" - i am still worried that the "teeth" on is not exactly what i need, so i may order one to test it.

then there are the slider pots, or faders:
Panasonic 3 x EVA-JQKR15Y14

these should be panel mountable (albeit from above, i haven't found a good solution other than that) 100mm or nearly 4 inches long slide area. i will need to check if the above mounting, which will require drilled holes very close to the cut position for the fader knob to stick out, may cause issues.

Will load the new visio diagram later, as the design has definitely changed a bit.

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