Friday, January 23, 2009

The Time is Nigh

The final potentiometers arrived today, and i spoke briefly with the plasticare inc guy Randy to get some final questions out of the way. making sure they could use the .FLA file format, trying to figure out what to do with the pot notches, etc.

for the pots, there is a very small notch on each side that is designed to wedge into the panel and keep it from turning. Randy believes he can make this with the laser cutter, and if not, can do very small cuts manually.

Another issue was the countersinks. smaller ones no sweat, but the larger ones to fit the 2 and 4-inch knobs were problematic. turns out they have a 2 inch countersink for the large volume knobs, but there is no 4-inch countersink. not surprising. this will be fine - i have a single pot that has an extra long shaft for the mega knob. should be case closed.

Once i get the design to them, the lead time is about two weeks now. So, i will try and get it to them first thign next week.

Slightly related note, i began designing a DJ-style mixer for my good friend James who provided the etch graphics below. pic below - its in a triangular shape. sort of interesting, and with all the spare parts i am likely to have, i bet i could build it after Colossus for not much more than the cost of a couple plexiglass panels:

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