Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UMC Madness

The UMC circuit boards arrived today (as well as additional buttons and LED's for the illuminated pushbuttons):

This evening i endeavored to connect a couple controllers to a single UMC device and i am tickled pink to report that it worked after some fidgeting and what not.

I ran a single pot and a single button to the first two control points on the first header, with DIP1 set to off, all others on (except 10 which is an additional function thing). Plugging it in, the WIN XP machine identified the device quickly and easily, and then Ableton v5 saw the device and it seemed to be receiving data from in (MIDI IN flashed). the red LED on the UMC also flashed when pressing the button or turning the pot.

But it would not "learn" the data at first. i tried a couple different ideas, unplugged the button LED (which didn't work to begin with) and had no success. i then took it back upstairs and plugged in the UC33, which worked fine, and then restarted with the UMC back in the same place where the UC33 had just worked.... and it worked great. i assigned the button to a mute, and the pot to a send channel. BOOM.

Ken would probably trip that i plugged this in like the pic above, no solder or mounting, just running some cables. but i had to know that i could do it. ;)

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