Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekend Updates

Journeyed to Radio Shack grudgingly because there really isn't much else in Denver for whatever reason, but was pleasantly surprised. i picked up some tool accesories i still need (a solder gun holder, some wire strippers), lots of connecting wire, some resistors, and a couple sample LEDs and a neat little LED holder/mount that i might be able to use on my panels.

Also picked up a 7-port powered USB hub that can mount to the side of my internal wood enclosure. and the wife and i stopped by home depot to see what sort of woods and stains were available. no purchase yet, as i want all components to arrive before we begin construction, but we did create scale diagrams of the side view and exact angles of the panels. it will also include a shelf on the top of the device that is however long the length ends up being X 8-9 inches. nice holding area for other devices, beer, what have you.

I also made several udpates and mods to the VISIO design (and a buddy has suggested i call the project COLOSSUS, which i kinda like the sound of) to accomodate the larger than assumed knobs. essentially i have removed the two aux channels and extended the length of each channel bank. as well, i have removed the cross-fader, but may re-add it in a different position. i've had a difficult time finding info on cross-fader pots that will fit what i want them to do in the size i want, and i generally don't use my more DJ-oriented controls anyway. but you never know, and i want that flexibility, so we shall see.

Finally, this AM i delivered that VISIO and some notes to ridout plastics to get me quotes on the materials and the prefab cut/bore holes if they did it themselves. that request for quote is still outstanding. I also sent the final specs for all my pots to about 3 different surplus companies to see what they can do. will go with one of the big dogs (mouser, alliedelec, digikey) if nothing comes from it, but i had hoped with the sheer number of pots i need that i would only have to spend $1-2 each. it appears i may have been a little optimistic on that.

the specs are, all 10k ohm, .25-.5w, panel mount, linear, solder lug or similar, single turn, no fancy options or power off or whatever. bushing needs to be 3/8" to clear a 1/4" panel (which is limiting my options), and shafts should be 1/2" long x 1/4" diameter. the shaft tips are three different kinds, however: about 10 solid for set screws, 10 "D" shaft, and 80 "teeth" or "fluted" or whatever that is called.

One thing is for sure, the point of DIY controllers is usually cost - this monstrosity will NOT be for the purpose of saving money.... but i'm not complaining.

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