Sunday, January 11, 2009

Complexity Abounds

Latest version of the Panel layout is here:

You will see i have cut the two rows of illuminated buttons for some smaller, standard contact buttons - the other ones became too expensive with LED replacements for each. these ones will be fine, though. added the fader back in on the top panel, and a few more contact buttons in the master section.

Also, i've been conversing with my buddy Soaringbrain about a graphic that could be etched into the panels. originally i thought we could only fit something small in the top right corner, and that may still be the case depending on how the cutting tools work - but then we thought maybe it would be cool to etch something across the entire thing in the background behind all the knobs. James is presently working on some ideas for that. I will contact the plasticare inc guy this next week to talk about how this could be done and if its possible/affordable. will post some drafts of that graphic when comfie with it.

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