Friday, March 20, 2009

Box Almost Done

We spent the majority of today finishing assembly on the box and beginning to size for the plexiglass panels. There are lots of notes on this, but here is how it looks right now, from the side and including the trim we are putting around all the corners, ala oak cabinets style:

And a brief view from the back side:

Finally got a view of the plexiglass panels, and they rock. initially they are covered with some protective film, so you will see in many pics i've left it on except a couple to start attaching all the controls. They do the laser cuts with the film still on. Here are the panels that will eventually go on the device:

In these views, I have attached all the potentiometers, but no knobs are attached yet. I want to plug in and test each before i attach them, because in many cases they are next to impossible to remove once shoved over the shafts.

Here we set up all 6 panels after getting the trim around the perimeter of them that is set to be flush with the panels:

And finally, after taking it home and spending over two hours (much longer than i thought), i have one head of one UMC plugged in and running successfully (so, only 23 more to go), including the LED signal from volume knob:

The LED attachment works but is causing weird issues.... i wonder if i have the wrong resistor, but the knobs they attach to are acting almost more like log pots than linear. will investigate further.

Time permitting, we will finish the trim, the shelf across the bottom to attach the UMC's to, and even the doors in the back. then its all soldering until dawn.


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