Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some Pics to Bide Time

Here are a few shots from the Visio drafts of version 4 of Colossus - and i did finally get the call from the plastics place. they quoted me and began work on the panels - likely to be done mid-week.

here is the main panel appearance:

And actual cut positions for the laser:

And a view of the connection scheme to the UMC devices (each color on each panel represents one of four heads per board, and i've tried to combine the analog and digitals together as much as possible since the DIP switches must be set accordingly):

And finally a picture of the frame that jeannette's daad began building:

I believe each is a support, so spaced across three feet, each on holds the edge of one panel below and one panel above, for a total of 6 panels at 12x18". more pics after some work or viewing of it this weekend.

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