Thursday, March 12, 2009


i finished the basics of the x0xb0x last night and bolted it (sort of) to the case and turned it on. the system works, and most functionality appears fine. i haven't had a chance to test it with MIDI, computer/USB control, etc, but so far so good. i was able to make patterns and it sounded just like a tb303. AWESOME.

some miscellaneous troubles, however, that i will need to work out. the standoffs, screws, and faceplate do not seem to interact well together, evne after following the instructions to a tee. this means that some of the buttons are a little too sunken in, but i am able to trigger them all.

additionally, i can tell the tuning is not correct, which could be a result of not having an oscilloscope to test with when i was building. before i bolt the thing together finally i will get under the circuit board and adjust the trim pots to see if that helps. i also can tell that a couple of the other pots (cutoff and decay, for example) really don't have much effect at all until at least half way through the turn, almost as if they are supposed to be log pots rather than linear, or vice versa.... not sure but i will see if that issue exists in the ladyada tech forums.

finally, i cannot find the screws, if they ever existed, to bolt the plastic case together from the bottom. very annoying, but i can probably find some elsewhere if i have to.

overall very excited though that such a complex project, for being my first foray, actually even turned on, didn't explode, makes noise, and responds to stuff that i do. acid basslines here i come.

For colossus, NEWSFLASH - the plasticare guys are STILL not finished... they have promised (as well as a few times previously) to have the final quote and readiness to start by um... yesterday. i am crossing fingers and praying that they might pull a miracle and have it by this weekend, because:

the frame and wooden enclosure is almost complete! jeannette's dad is building almost the whole thing and says he is ready for the plastic panels... i will go check it out this weekend and take pics, but this is a huuuuge help, as i know NOTHING about woodwork. we drew up a design on a piece of paper last week, and before you knew it, he was half done. retirement has its benefits. ;)

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