Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finishing Touches

A couple structural things remained, which were completed this past week.

the doors on the back to gain access to the UMCs, underside of the panels for replacement, wiring, USB hub, etc:

and then some handholds to carry the beast. extra wood placed inside because the outer wall is really just a thin layer of oak ply, and then braced it against the frame itself. they should be pretty sturdy:

above you can also see inside and below the handholds is a small shelf that was put in to accomodate the UMCs. we will bolt them onto that shelf with 4-40 screws and a small standoff which have already been purchased, just waiting for final touches to be finished.

Finally, we finished sanding and beveling edges, and then began staining it. pictured below is after the first coat, we will do at least oen more, and then acrylic goes on that to make it smooth and shiny:

note in the pic above the enclosure is lying on its back.

on the technical front, i have encountered a critical problem and have reached out to Ken @ hale micro to see whats up. last night i tested panel 3 - its the main one with joystick, faders, and main volume knob. i tested it fine on all fronts and even played with ableton briefly. this AM i was showing jnet's dad how it worked, powered it up, and after initially turning on fine when the computer cranked on - it blinked out. since then it has not come on when the computer is attached, but strangely when i plug it just to the USB hub, it powers on fine. no idea whats going on and until i have some advice from ken, not wanting to try plugging it all into one of the extra couple UMCs i have for fear of another one getting fried, if thats what even happened. maybe i am just trippin on some stupid setting, but all the other ones seem to be working great now.

UPDATE: adding schematic below for Ken to check out

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